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A Dark, Scary Look Into My First Book (Not really. It's Lego, it's fun!)

To start with, my son is a diehard Lego fan. He came up with the idea to film a movie trailer for my first book, Keeper of the Hourglass: The Life and Death of Peter Nichols, incorporating Legos!

The hardest part was coming up with the custom Lego figures. However, this meant multiple visits to our local Lego store, which, obviously, my son didn't mind at all. Apius was crafted using a solid black Stormtrooper head and a custom monks cloak and hood.

Miss Penntiworth was a struggle. Finding a green dress with a white ruffled shirt and a cameo didn't go exactly as planned. Even so, we were pretty pleased with the finished product. AND we were able to give her a teacup so she could enjoy her favorite beverage.

The longest search involved finding an outfit for Mr. Grumsby. We found one online that had a vest and even a gold pocket watch. Very fortuitous! The only thing missing was the green visor on his head, but hey,..

Surprisingly, Peter was the easiest to outfit. Classic baseball uniform, scruffy hair, and the look of terror on his face. What more could you ask for from your protagonist?

If you are interested in seeing the video, you can view it by clicking below! Thanks everyone.



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