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Keeper of the Hourglass: The Crimson Manifest

Apius is gone, but his legacy lives on with a brother's promise. Because of this promise, humanity is on the verge of extinction. Famine has swept across the globe as a mysterious pathogen is destroying the world's food supply. Even though agroterrorism is suspected, FBI Special Agent Peter Nichols knows there is much more to this.

Haunted by his long-forgotten past, he hunts for answers - answers hidden deep below an ancient Ceiba tree in the heart of Mexico. Here, protected by a deadly maze of tunnels, is a mythical temple. According to legend, this temple serves as a gateway to the afterlife. It is here where Peter must travel in order to stop the eradication, and Apius's brother, Ezekial.

But how does one stop the dead?


Sir Thomas Of Creekside

Winner of “Must-Read” award from BooksShelf writing contest.

Recipient of Readers' Favorite FIVE-STAR RATING

After losing his father, young Thomas Bristol is at risk of losing his dearest friend as well. Because of this, he and his trusted bear run away and seek refuge in Creekside Woods.

Over the years, many stories have been told of Creekside, and secrets abound in this fabled forest. Creekside is full of dangers, and now, Thomas is being hunted by the most dangerous threat yet; a legendary dragon known as 'The Screech.'

But Detective Claire Spillen doesn't believe in dragons and fears the worst. She finds herself in a battle of her own - against time.

While Thomas struggles to escape this merciless monster, Detective Spillen hopes she'll be able to rescue him before it's too late.


Readers of all ages will be challenged and enlightened by the author's sensitive approach to confronting lies, death, and sorrow.

Authors Reading

This is a truly beautiful book that plays with the themes of life, death and time in a clever and imaginative way and also challenges the concept that paths of pre defined. An excellent book that I would highly recommend to any fantasy lover not just the recommended YA group. 

NetGalley Reviewer

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