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As he attempts to hide, in order to escape being sent to an orphanage, Preston Cornsuckle discovers a hidden steamer trunk; one which has some unusual alterations. Once he steps inside, Preston is transported to a distant world of mechanically-altered pirates and steam-driven technology. It is here where he encounters a sea captain hell-bent on a controlling the seven realms. In order to stop him, Preston Cornsuckle must align himself with some unlikely allies. If not, Earth, and everyone Preston knows, could cease to exist. 

In this emotional read, young Thomas suffers through the heartbreaking loss of his father. As he struggles to deal with his emotions, he is now at risk of losing his dearest friend as well. Thinking his only choice is to run away, he grabs his bear and heads to the woods. But his departure captures the attention of a horrific beast. To avoid capture, Thomas must lean on his skills as a fearless knight, as well as some assistance from his woodland friends. Even with all their help, he must rely on Detective Claire Spillen to find him before it’s too late!

As he tries to escape from being pursued by his bully, Peter Nichols is involved in an accident and loses his life. Peter awakens in heaven, only to discover a library where each living person is represented by a LifeBook. Each LifeBook contains a person’s fate. As part of his evil plan to obtain an hourglass which controls time, Apius manipulates Peter, who must now decide whether to seek revenge and change Bobby’s fate with the stroke of a pen. An act which could allow Apius to control all of humanity and spread evil throughout the world.


In this second installment of the Keeper of the Hourglass trilogy, Apius is out for revenge and captures the soul of Peter's mother to draw him near. Now Peter has only seven days to save her, but by doing so it may mean Apius is allowed to release his brothers from their guarded sarcophaguses. With their help, Apius will be able to unleash the apocalypse! 


Now an FBI Special Agent, Peter must save humanity from extinction in the finale of the Keeper of the Hourglass trilogy. However, Ezekial has different plans as he continues on his path of destruction, spreading an unknown pathogen throughout the world's food supply. Always one step ahead of Peter, Ezekial must be stopped! But how does one stop the dead? 

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