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When I turned five, I knew I wanted to be a writer, so I asked Santa for a typewriter; (it's scary knowing some people will have to look up what a typewriter is). In the second grade, after mercilessly clacking away, my teacher thought enough about my writing to have the local newspaper come to the classroom and publish my first story about a lost puppy. After a decades long hiatus, I returned to writing. This time trading in my typewriter for a much quieter laptop.

After graduating college, I joined the Florida Highway Patrol. A few years later, I received my acceptance letter for the FBI Training Academy. As a Special Agent, I worked several violations, however; I spent most of my years working Counterterrorism.


Slightly battered and bruised, I finally retired. I think a lot of my co-workers were happy... Anyway, when I'm not at my desk, letting my imagination run wild on some new story, I keep myself plenty busy. You can find me at my home in Upstate, New York, hanging out with my bees, boiling maple syrup, pressing apple cider, or a multitude of other hobbies that help keep me out of trouble.

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